Comprehensive, accurate, and relevant analytics

Capitalize on metrics you can trust with Abacus.

Our proprietary virtual sensor technology integrates multiple datasets together, providing you with the metrics you need to fully understand your roadways. Efficiently make data-driven decisions, measure the impact of those decisions, and share successes with key stakeholders through innovative reporting features.
      Gain total visibility, right now.
View what’s happening across all your roadways: every network, intersection, phase, and detector. We show you exactly where conditions are congested, unsafe, or problematic.
       Maximize your productivity and ROI.
Access reliable measurements from your desktop instead of traveling into the field to take your own. There’s no new hardware to install, maintain, or operate.
       Completely trust your data.
Our AI software integrates signal system data and GIS data, allowing us to provide the most reliable and comprehensive source of truth for agencies.