January 28, 2022
Cleaner Roads,

Lower emissions by 21% across all your roadways immediately. Our hardware-free platform and industry leading data helps agencies exceed their climate targets quickly and affordably.

Bad data makes it impossible to manage traffic and its environmental impact at scale.

Today, agencies are managing their roadways with data that’s only 27.6% accurate. With poor data, engineers must rely on time-consuming fieldwork and citizen complaints to fill in the gaps, and don’t have time to monitor all their networks. With poor data, agencies can’t capture accurate environmental metrics. And with poor data, AI can’t optimize signal timing plans. Poor data also impacts environmental equity: a study by the American Journal of Public Health found traffic volume is 2.4 times as high in low income areas than high income areas.

With 94.4% accurate data, you can measure, monitor, and lower pollution across ALL your roadways.

Get reliable vehicle emissions and fuel consumption metrics for every network, intersection, and phase. Our industry leading environmental analytics are calculated by applying EPA approved models to our proprietary data. We also offer equity analytics, so you’ll instantly see if pollution is higher in low income areas. 

Get notified about polluted conditions when they happen, not days later. Our monitoring platform scans traffic networks continuously and immediately alerts you to issues. We score every problem by how severe it is, so you’ll be able to find and prioritize your worst intersections and networks quickly. Then, once you make a change, you can use our environmental analytics to accurately track its impact by the next day. 

Minimize pollution across all your networks without sacrificing safety. Our signal optimization platform optimizes for both mobility and safety: it’s proven to reduce travel times by 24%, peak travel times by 10%, and emissions by 21%. Create an optimized timing plan for an intersection, network, or multiple networks in seconds, allowing you to manage 50 times more intersections. Increase equity by optimizing the traffic signals on transit routes for public transportation. Create congestion plans that reduce emissions without sacrificing equity, and find the best locations to put EV charging stations.

Start reducing pollution on your roadways today: we’re hardware free.

Our platform integrates with your systems. There’s no infrastructure to build or hardware to buy, which makes us 12 times as affordable and 50 times faster to deploy than a hardware solution. You can set up our platform in days, and scale it throughout a region in weeks.

Our platform makes you uniquely competitive for grant opportunities, including:

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