November 16, 2021
Fix your detection, right now

Right now, 72% of your detectors give you bad data, which increases your workload, reduces service levels, and reduces safety on your roadways. Our detector health platform takes the guesswork out of detector maintenance and helps you find all your detection problems instantly. We monitor every detector on your roadways and alert you to every detection issue, helping you increase levels of service and saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Bad detection makes it impossible to manage all your roadways.

We’ve developed our platform by working with traffic engineers on the biggest problems facing their teams. From these conversations, we learned hardware takes up about 50% of department budget and work orders. It also impacts signals: approximately 50% of all signal timing complaints are due to a detector issue instead of an issue with the signal timing plan itself. While many hardware manufacturers claim to monitor faulty detectors, these systems still miss the majority of hardware issues.

For every unresolved signal or hardware issue, your agency and road users lose $1,000 per day from the impacts to safety, mobility, and operations. These costs quickly add up: we’ve found issues can go unresolved for multiple weeks, and even months.

Our detector health platform shows you the accuracy of your detectors AND helps you diagnose what’s wrong with them.

We monitor your detectors with our AI-powered virtual sensors using several proprietary tests. We can calculate if the detector is producing incorrect volumes, if it’s dropping phase calls, when it’s poorly calibrated, when it’s giving you poor data regularly, when it's disconnected or turned off, and when there’s a delay in the detector recording the data.

With detector health, agencies can save on average $29,000 per issue, get better service from vendors, and improve road user experiences.

With Cerberus, our proactive monitoring platform, you can monitor all your networks to instantly see where your worst detectors are. We notify you instantly about any issues in your networks, including malfunctioning hardware.

With Abacus, our analytics platform, you can see how the detector is impacting your signal timings.

Detection is, and will continue to be, an important part of operations. For 1/300th the cost of a new hardware detector, our virtual sensors help you get the most out of this critical tool.
To see our detector health platform in action, contact us to schedule a demo.
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