June 2, 2023
Flow Labs Statement on Wejo Bankruptcy

Over the last couple of days, we’ve received questions from clients and colleagues about Wejo’s bankruptcy, and its impact on Flow Labs.

As part of our business and technology strategy, we have always focused on integrating multiple types of data from multiple sources and data partners. Our diversified data supply chain has positioned us and our clients for continued success, and our platform continues to support our customers without interruption.

Connected vehicle data has enabled Flow Labs and other organizations to develop meaningful, impactful innovations over the last 5 years, and we recognize that many organizations were heavily invested in Wejo’s data to operate their businesses and fulfill their projects. We stand ready to support any client or partner to help achieve any project requirements that may be impacted by this event.
If you need assistance, please reach out to Nathan Wade at nathan@flowlabs.ai or contact us here.
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