June 28, 2023
Enhancing Your Agency Action Plan
Grant Impact
For agencies that have already been awarded Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant money, take your Action Plans to the next level with the expert support of Flow Labs.

Flow Labs is here to support your agency in exceeding expectations and achieving success in your Action Plans. Action Plans are comprehensive strategies aimed at addressing fatalities, and while many agencies have methodologies in place to measure crashes, it is equally important to analyze the existing conditions and contributing factors that lead to crashes across all roadways within your jurisdiction.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), agencies are required to consider, budget for, and implement data collection methods to evaluate the effectiveness of their safety initiatives. This is a crucial aspect that aligns with the Progress and Transparency component of your Action Plan and holds significant weight with project evaluators. The strength of your data collection method directly impacts the strength of your argument in this section of your application.

By partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise to enhance your data collection methods and maximize the impact of your safety initiatives. A stronger data collection approach demonstrates your commitment to evidence-based decision-making and project evaluation. This not only enhances your chances of securing grant money but also sets the stage for the successful implementation and evaluation of your safety initiatives. Here’s how we can help: 

Find the root cause of safety issues quickly: Perform a regional safety analysis correlating risky driving behaviors with crash statistics in under a day, find areas across your region where pedestrians are at risk in under a minute, and access accurate, comprehensive safety diagnostics instantly. 

Quantify the impact of any countermeasure immediately: Our performance measurement tool provides you a full report on the ROI and impact of any project, anywhere on your roadways, in under a minute.

Deploy and scale affordably: Fully hit SS4A’s criteria while staying under budget. We integrate with your existing infrastructure and can incorporate any datasets your agency has access to, enabling you to analyze, monitor, and optimize traffic flow for safety across your entire region. 

Together, we can ensure that your agency surpasses the expectations set in your Action Plan, making significant progress toward your safety goals. Schedule a time to talk here.

Flow Labs technologies like Predictive Traffic Control (PTC) enable you to spend less, deploy faster and see results quicker. Contact us to schedule a demo today.
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