Proactive safety and system health monitoring

Get notified about congestion and unsafe conditions with Cerberus.

Learn about your biggest safety risks, low service levels, and hardware issues before they impact your road users. Our platform scans your roads, networks, and intersections continuously for environmental, mobility, operations, and safety issues. When it finds a problem, it analyzes the severity of the issue and instantly alerts your team. Created by engineers, for engineers, Cerberus is designed to help you prioritize your projects and predict citizen complaints before they even happen. 

And because our hardware-free virtual sensors can gather accurate, affordable data from anywhere on your roadways, you can monitor your entire system.
      Make all your roadways safer and clearer, right now.
We track all the leading indicators of safety, mobility, and environmental issues, so you can stop congestion and safety risks when they start developing.
       Prioritize your projects with confidence.
For every issue, our AI generates a performance score indicating how severe the problem is, helping you rank your projects quickly and accurately.
       Increase service levels and equity.
With proactive monitoring, you can improve service levels across all your roadways based on need, not on complaint volumes. Rely on our machine learning, instead of citizen reporting, to find the most problematic intersections, phases, and detectors.