Proactive safety and system health monitoring

Pinpoint congestion and unsafe conditions with Cerberus.

Cerberus eliminates crashes, complaints, and congestion on major roadways. We leverage our proprietary virtual sensor technology to proactively monitor conditions, notifying you to safety risks, low service levels, and hardware issues across all your roadways and intersections. Every crash you prevent will save you and your road users over $160,000.
      Make all your roadways safer, right now.
With our software, reduce crashes by up to 51% and efficiently achieve your Vision Zero goals. We track vehicles traveling at high speeds, aggressively braking, running red lights, and more.
       Maximize your productivity and ROI.
Cerberus scans your networks continuously and instantly sends out alerts to your teams about unsafe or congested conditions. You’ll be able to identify your biggest pain points immediately.
       Increase service levels and equity.
With proactive signal management, you can improve service levels across all your roadways based on need, not on complaint volumes. Rely on our machine learning, instead of citizen reporting, to find the most problematic intersections, phases, and detectors.