August 9th, 2022
Help us build
the future
of traffic

At Flow Labs, we’ve developed our platform by talking to engineers throughout the industry, and we want to include as many engineers as possible in the conversation. 

We want to talk to both current and former traffic engineers to hear feedback on our analytics platform. We’ll take 15 to 30 minutes to ask you how we can improve our platform’s existing features and what features we should add next. Help us make our platform as useful to engineers as possible by giving us feedback on capabilities such as:
  • Dilemma Zone Entry and Red Light Running Diagnostics: Measure what’s causing Dilemma Zone Entry and red light running at your intersections without having to look at your video feeds
  • Vehicle Level of Service Analytics: See AOGs, phase terminations, and control delay on a vehicle by vehicle basis
  • Control Delay and Travel Time Diagnostics: Identify key bottlenecks on your corridors without having to do a drive test
  • Industry-leading Environmental Analytics: Use the only environmental analytics in the industry measuring emissions and fuel consumption using an EPA approved model
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