Our mission is to make roads cleaner, clearer, and safer for everyone, right now.

Every year in the United States, over 38,000 people leave their homes, use our streets and roads, then never come back. Road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the US for people aged 1 to 54, and as vehicle use grows, this number will only increase.

Every year, US citizens wait a staggering ten full days in traffic, time they could spend at work, resting, or with their loved ones.

Every year, 24% of all US carbon emissions come from road transportation. Annually, each passenger vehicle releases 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide alone, the equivalent of cutting down over 200 trees a year.

We can’t stand by as citizens and the climate suffer. These problems must be addressed right now. At Flow Labs, we’ve utilized cutting edge artificial intelligence software to build the world’s first integrated traffic management platform—and it’s here today.

Traffic management is disconnected.

Managing transportation is no easy feat: dedicated professionals work tirelessly to account for both mobility and safety in rapidly changing environments. Agencies gather data to make decisions, but this data is less than 30% reliable. This data is unreliable because it’s incomplete: today, data is siloed instead of integrated.

Life-saving information shouldn’t be ignored or go unused. With integrated data, it can be in the right place at the right time.

We integrate traffic management.

With innovative integrated systems, agencies can coordinate effortlessly, protecting lives. We can reduce travel times, transportation emissions, and crashes all by 50%, and all by 2050.

Agencies should have complete visibility into their roadways. We integrate datasets and apply proprietary machine learning algorithms to deliver comprehensive, accurate, and relevant analytics, allowing traffic professionals to see exactly what’s happening as it happens.

Traffic professionals should be able to manage all of their networks with one integrated application and to use technology to solve, in addition to find, their biggest issues. Agencies should be able to collaborate within their departments and across organizations, whether it’s with government officials, citizens, or private sector organizations. We create optimization solutions and AI-backed tools for the most complex problems in transportation. We automate processes from beginning to end and deliver accurate solutions, giving time back to road users, traffic professionals, and agencies.

Finally, all of this must be done today. We deliver data and solutions agencies can use now, not in months or years. We build software solutions that can be deployed immediately: we don’t need any additional hardware or infrastructure.

We’re on a mission to make roads cleaner, clearer, and safer for everyone right now, and we’re going to completely re-imagine traffic management in the process. Be a part of it.