On-demand, optimized signal management

Get instant, on-demand signal timing plans with Optimus.

Our instant flow optimization technology automatically tests different strategies and analyzes every opportunity to optimize your networks, minimizing congestion and environmental impact while maximizing safety for all your road users. Whether you need to update a timing plan for an entire network or you need to change your splits, cycle lengths, or offsets at an intersection, we find exactly what you need to change to make the biggest improvement to safety and mobility.  

Our signal timing plans are proven to lower travel times by 24%, emissions by 21%, and crash risk by 51%.
      Optimize all of your signals, right now.
Save your agency and citizens up to $413,000 per intersection annually by updating all your signals as often as you need.
       Optimize your signals for everyone.
Our multimodal optimization software optimizes for safety and mobility. Minimize vehicle and transit delays while ensuring that your busiest roadways are safe for pedestrians and cyclists too.
       Maximize your ROI with timing plans you can trust.
Our AI creates timing plans using data from our virtual sensors, which are proven to be 94.4% accurate. With accurate optimization, you can confidently allocate resources and efficiently increase your ROI.