Everyone is talking about predicting the future, even though nobody can even reliably measure the past or the present."
Jatish Patel
Flow Labs
Today, agencies are making mission-critical decisions based on the wrong information. At Flow Labs, we’ve developed the most accurate and comprehensive data in traffic management, paving the way for accurate and comprehensive solutions to traffic’s biggest problems.

AI-powered Data Collection

At Flow Labs, instead of only looking at one or two types of datasets, we integrate multiple datasets to give agencies a complete source of truth. Our proprietary virtual sensors integrate data from signal, sensor, and connected vehicle data to give you data that’s 94.4% accurate in field conditions. Our sensors are hardware-free, so they don’t need any setup or maintenance, and collect 10 times as much data as hardware for 1/300th the cost.

AI-powered Analytics

We use artificial intelligence to eliminate bad data, identify critical patterns, and find key insights hidden within these datasets. We offer industry leading analytics on operational performance, mobility, safety, transportation equity, and environmental impact.

AI-powered Proactive Monitoring

Our machine learning tracks every signal, every detector, and everywhere your roadways are congested or unsafe. Once it finds an issue, it sends you an alert immediately.

AI-powered Optimization

Our proprietary instant flow optimization is proven to reduce travel times by 24%, which can save you $414,000 annually per intersection. Our solution is also multimodal: instead of optimizing your timing plans for mobility only, you can optimize them for safety and mobility, or choose to optimize them just for safety. And so nothing is ever a black box, we explain what we changed in the timing plan and why, and predict how these new timing plans will perform in the field.