Everyone is talking about predicting the future, even though nobody can even reliably measure the past or the present."
Jatish Patel
Flow Labs
Our AI Digital Twin technology leverages artificial intelligence to generate the most accurate model available of what’s happening on real world roadways. We use a proprietary data collection method to capture data at scale from both connected vehicles and infrastructure at a low cost, then we use AI to generate a hyper-realistic synthetic population of vehicles. With an affordable, reliable, automated simulation of traffic, we can optimize for any traffic strategy and deploy mission-critical transportation solutions into the real world instantly.

AI-powered Data Collection

Our proprietary virtual sensor technology is the first platform in the industry to successfully integrate signal data, detection data, and connected vehicle data, making it the most comprehensive and accurate data in traffic management. Our data has been proven to be 94.4% accurate in the field and our platform generates 10 times more data than a modern detection system. It’s also affordable and future-proof—our platform is designed to process, clean, and integrate any type of transportation data, and so it doesn’t require agencies to install any hardware. As a result, it generates data at 1/300th the cost of modern detection and can extract insights from any dataset, offering a flexible solution that can meet any agency need.

AI-powered Simulation

Our AI-simulation platform automatically leverages our industry-leading data to generate an accurate digital twin of real-time conditions. It has been proven to generate 96.9%accurate predictions, compared to an industry standard of less than 70%. Through proprietary algorithms, we can generate highly detailed simulations at an affordable cost. And because our platform is hardware free and fully automated, we can quickly set up a new environment and don’t require any manual entry.

AI-powered Tools and Insights

Having the best data in traffic management isn’t enough—this data is only useful when it’s turned into actionable insights for transportation teams. Our AI identifies critical patterns and extracts key information from our datasets to generate comprehensive safety, mobility, environmental, and safety analytics. It continuously monitors roadways for unsafe and congested conditions, then automatically alerts teams to issues. It can generate an accurate, comprehensive performance report measuring the ROI of any transportation project. And we’re just getting started—we can build any tool a team needs.

AI-powered Optimization

Our proprietary instant flow optimization technology combines deep domain knowledge with proprietary algorithms to optimize an entire network in seconds. We embed engineering thinking into our approach to improve outcomes and instantly generate affordable timing plans—each optimization costs only 21 cents to create. Our optimization is also the first solution in the industry to optimize traffic flow for both safety and mobility. Whereas traditional signal optimization solutions optimize only for mobility, endangering vulnerable road users, our proprietary multi-objective algorithms protect everyone while decreasing congestion. It has been proven in the field to reduce travel times by 24%, emissions by 21%,and crash risk by 51%, saving agencies $413,000 annually per intersection.