Our Difference

We have the best data in traffic management.

Our proprietary virtual sensors are proven to be 94.4% accurate in the field and collect ten times as much data as hardware for 1/300th the cost. With affordable, complete, and accurate data, we measure transportation’s operations, mobility, safety, and environmental impact.

We don’t just help you understand your biggest transportation problems. We use AI to give you customized plans to solve them. 

Having the best data in traffic management isn’t enough. With proprietary artificial intelligence, we optimize systems to help you address your largest and most complex mobility, safety, environmental, and equity issues. We’ve started by optimizing traffic signals: our platform is proven to reduce travel times by 24%, emissions by 21%, and vehicle delay by 29%. There are no black boxes. We won’t give you an optimization plan without also giving you the data it’s based on.

We’re affordable and scalable, so you’ll get results right now.

The infrastructure and hardware you have today is enough to transform your roadways. There’s no hardware for your team to install, learn, or maintain, making us 50 times faster to deploy and 1/12th as expensive as hardware-based solutions.