June 13, 2022
IDA loop: find
AND solve your

Step 1. Information: Finding your biggest problems

You shouldn’t need to spend hours interpreting your data and looking for your most high priority problems. In seconds, our AI helps you understand exactly what’s happening across all your roadways and at all your signalized intersections. Our technology instantly analyzes where there’s a problem and how bad the issue is. Our information helps you answer:
  • Where are my biggest problems? Our AI measures every leading indicator of safety and congestion. Then it automatically prioritizes issues based on severity so that you know which problems to focus on first.
  • Is this problem occurring frequently, or is it a one-time problem? Our time series charts show you when the problem happens, how often the problem happens, and if the problem is going to happen again.
  • How is this problem affecting other parts of our road network? View your entire network to see if and/or how problems in one area are impacting the surrounding areas.

Step 2. Diagnosis: Understanding your biggest problems

You shouldn’t need to spend hours analyzing your data to find the underlying issues causing an unsafe or congested area. In seconds, our proprietary diagnostic charts show you why the problem is occurring. Our diagnostics help you answer:
  • Why is this happening? We track all the factors that can create a problem, and show you which factor or factors were behind this specific issue. For example, for intersections with high dilemma zone entry, our diagnostic charts help you understand whether these DZEs are being caused by a yellow clearance issue, an offset issue, a speeding issue, or a combination.
  • Can I do anything about this? Sometimes, you’ll encounter an issue that can’t be fixed by traffic engineering. Find out what’s actionable and what isn’t to save time and focus more on the problems you can solve.

Step 3. Action: Fixing your biggest problems

You shouldn’t need to spend weeks trying out and testing different solutions to your issue. Our AI finds and proposes the best solution in seconds. Using real time traffic simulation models and proprietary algorithms, our technology automatically tests different strategies and analyzes every opportunity to optimize your networks for safety and mobility. Our diagnostics and optimization help you answer:

  • What do I need to do about this? We generate customized timing plans and find exactly what you need to change to have the greatest impact on safety and mobility. Whether you need to update a timing plan for an entire network or you need to change your splits, cycle lengths, or offsets at an intersection, we find the best solution for your specific problem. We can also find the optimal speed limit for every corridor.
  • What is the expected impact of the action? Every recommendation comes with an accurate prediction which shows how this change will impact mobility and safety, so you can make a decision on whether it’s worth it. Our predictions are proven to be 96.9% accurate.

Step 4. Information, Part 2: Measuring your actions

You shouldn’t need to spend hours summarizing different reports, or take months doing time-consuming fieldwork to validate this data. In minutes, our performance measurement tool gives you a comprehensive, accurate report on exactly how your changes impacted safety and congestion on your roadways.  

Our performance measurement tool helps you answer if the actions you took worked. We measure all key indicators of safety and congestion before you took action, after you took action, and how these numbers changed over that time period. You’ll be able to find exactly what improved, what didn’t, by how much, and why. Because we measure what’s happening on all your roadways, not just at the signalized intersections, you get a complete, accurate picture of how the action impacted congestion and safety across your entire system.

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