Any well-functioning business must make money, but that’s not its purpose: the purpose of a business is to create and add value. At Flow Labs, we believe transportation networks can be the linchpins of our economies and create enormous opportunities, all while being safe, environmentally sustainable, and equitable.


Every year, 1.35 million people die in traffic crashes. These fatalities and injuries are projected to cause the global economy to lose $1.8 trillion over the next ten years. This is unacceptable. While our roadways must and can be less congested, moving rapidly shouldn’t mean sacrificing lives. We will build industry leading solutions to predict, prevent, and ultimately eliminate crashes.

Mobility and Economic Growth

Every year, the global economy loses $1 trillion due to congestion alone, and citizens wait a stunning ten days per year in traffic. We will build industry leading solutions which minimize this waste, increasing happiness for citizens and spurring greater economic activity.

Environmental Sustainability

Every year, each passenger vehicle releases 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and road transportation is the source of 24% of all carbon emissions in the US. We must protect our climate. We will build industry leading solutions to reduce the amount of time vehicles spend on roadways and empower agencies to measure environmental impact.


Every year, citizens from low income communities are underserved by their agencies and are more than four times as likely to be killed in a crash. Our technology will work on any roadway or ecosystem: in both urban and rural areas, in both wealthy and low income communities. We will build industry leading solutions which enable agencies to instantly see and immediately solve any issue, anywhere.
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