June 13, 2022
What sets
our analytics

Get the right information and right solution, every time. Built by engineers, for engineers, our platform offers the most complete, accurate, and relevant analytics in traffic management. Our analytics find the biggest problems on your roadways, diagnose why they’re happening, and propose to you the best way to solve them with customized, AI-backed timing plans. There’s no hardware to install, so you can start affordably measuring your roadways today.

Complete Analytics

When we say we measure everything, we mean everything:
  • We measure what’s happening on all your roadways and at all of your signalized intersections. Our proprietary virtual sensors collect high quality data from anywhere, so we can measure what’s happening along every part of every road in your networks. You’ll be able measure your projects’ entire impact and find issues anywhere.
  • We measure safety, environmental impact, mobility, equity, and operations. Our virtual sensors gather 10 times more data for 1/300th of the cost of modern detection, so we can affordably measure every leading indicator of safety and congestion issues.
  • We measure what’s happening at a network, intersection, and phase level. Click into an intersection or phase to see diagnostics around why the problem is happening, or click onto a network to see if problems at a local level are impacting the rest of the network.

Accurate Analytics

Powered by our virtual sensor technology, our data has been proven to be 94.4% accurate. Whether you’re looking to gather information collected from turning movement counts, vehicle delays, travel times, volume estimations, or anything else, you’ll have the best data, every single time.

Relevant Analytics

Find and solve your biggest problems quickly and accurately. Our analytics make it easy to:
  • See where your biggest problems are. Our artificial intelligence finds then prioritizes by severity your most congested and most unsafe phases, intersections, and networks.
  • Understand your biggest problems. We analyze what caused the issue in addition to showing you where the issue is. We also analyze if a problem can be fixed or if it can’t be addressed by traffic engineering.
  • Fix your biggest problems. Get customized timing plans in seconds. Our proprietary instant flow optimization technology gives you the best solution for every issue our analytics find. We also provide a customized prediction about why and how this change will have the greatest impact on safety and mobility.
  • Measure the impact of your actions. Our industry-first performance measurement tool measures how safety and congestion in an area change from when your project starts to when it ends. Reports are generated in minutes and only include your highest priority metrics, so you’ll quickly see what got better and what didn’t, by how much, and why.

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Our entire platform is hardware-free, so there’s no hardware or infrastructure to buy, install, or maintain. That makes us 50 times faster to deploy and 1/12th as expensive as other traffic management systems. Contact us by emailing sales@flowlabs.ai today.

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