We’re making transportation cleaner, clearer, and safer for everyone — right now.
Our AI-powered platform generates the most accurate transportation data available today to analyze, monitor, and optimize traffic flow across an entire city in seconds.
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We reduce vehicle travel times by up to
We reduce vehicle emissions by up to
We reduce crash risk by up to
Update all your traffic signal timing plans instantly
Even with more transportation data available than ever before, traffic still costs us time, emissions, money, and lives. But with a better approach to collecting and using data, it doesn’t have to be this way.
We leverage AI to process, clean, and integrate data from multiple sources to create the most reliable model in the industry of what’s happening on your roadways. Then, we use AI-backed solutions to automatically address transportation safety, equity, mobility, and its environmental impact, all at a low cost.
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What Sets Us Apart

        Reliably measure everything.
Your decisions are only as effective as the quality of information behind them. We provide complete visibility and accurate, comprehensive data for mission-critical decisions.
       Go beyond information—optimize your networks.
We don’t just provide industry leading analytics. Our proprietary AI diagnoses, monitors, and optimizes traffic flow for mobility and safety, maximizing every project’s impact.
       No new infrastructure is required.
We integrate with your existing infrastructure on day one: there’s no hardware to deploy or new infrastructure to add. Set up and scale our technology rapidly, easily, and affordably.

Our Partners

Mark Taylor
Traffic Signal Operations Engineer
Utah Department of Transportation
This project was leading edge work—the first in the industry."
Our Predictive Traffic Control Platform
Every traffic signal in the United States costs road users and transportation agencies $1 million per year in lost time, emissions, and crashes.
With our Predictive Traffic Control software, manage all your signals to immediately prevent crashes, reduce congestion, and save up to $413,000 per intersection annually.
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